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Helping you and your business to shine
through authentic personal branding

Let me capture the best version of you to use in your business so you can confidently, proudly, and consistently stand out and attract your target audience.
  • Does my personal branding match my business?
  • Is my current branding presenting the best version of me?
  • Are my profile photos outdated or not revealing my personality?
  • Is my business branding consistent?
  • Does my brand stand out and appeal to my target audience?
Authentic photos attract clients!
Showing up with
the best version of yourself – confidently, proudly and consistently
You deserve great photos – for you and your business!

Your brand is about telling your story, who you are and why you do what you do, so you can attract your ideal clients and build meaningful connections with them. It’s about bringing YOU into your brand.

Would you like to be portrayed as confident in your field? Your potential clients will search for you through Google or social media platforms. It’s important to give them a great first impression online.

What do you see when you search for you online? Outdated, unflattering photos, images that don’t represent your current business, or photos you’re just not happy with?

You deserve professional photos that reflect your business, build your brand, and make you feel good every time you look at them.
Strategy Session
A zoom call to discuss your session in detail.
A fully guided photoshoot, capturing the best version of yourself.
Graphic design services and guidance on designing your social media posts.
Hair and makeup
Professional Hair styling and makeup are available as an option.

Three of the biggest benefits from having a photo session with Sumico Photography

5 Star

Number one I’ve gained so much confidence from having my photos taken by a professional photographer, Sumiko.

Number two having a range of professional photos is so handy. Having those photos and wearing in different outfits doing different activities and in different locations means that  I have all those photos and a folder.  And at the moment, notice if I’m writing a bio of someone, requires some photos from magazine articles or, if I’m writing the book and need some photos for the book, even updating photos from our website for blogs, you’ve got them.

Number three is that because Sumiko has always had a lot to do with website. She’s a professional website developer as well. She knows what looks good on a website. She knows the photos that our best for social media and you can have a whole range of photos for different applications.

– Moana Robinson, B Styled for Life

Why choose to work with the Personal Branding Studio?

We want to build a long-term, successful business relationship with you by providing you with the highest quality services.

Customised your photo shoot to achieve your goals

We provide a strategy session to design your photoshoot where we:

  • Discuss your goals, your target audiences, and your messages
  • Brainstorm which images will best deliver your message to your audience
  • Decide which outfits to wear, what to bring and the best photo locations
Multiple outfit changes, both studio and on location photoshoot

We offer multiple outfit changes, matching your outfits with a variety of backgrounds. Our studio is located in Main Beach within walking distance of stunning backdrops – the beach and parks, a variety of cafes, coloured walls, and the Gold Coast high-rise buildings. We provide both studio and location photo shoots on the same day. You will have a wonderful variety of photos to choose from.

We are happy to travel to your premises. (A travelling fee may apply.)

The Personal Branding Studio is a team of professionals

You will work with an award-winning professional photographer. If you choose, you can also include the services of professional hair stylists and makeup artists who will bring out your natural beauty. This will boost your confidence in front of the camera and give a more professional look.
With graphic and web design experience, we provide ideas at the reviewing session on how to use your photos in your business marketing.

We are happy to provide these services for your personal branding – Graphic Design, Web Design, Colour Styling and Personal Styling. We have a great network of business associates ready to support your branding goals.

Client’s review5 Star

“I’m absolutely thrilled with the amazing headshots that Sumi took for my website!!! Sumi is not only an extremely talented photographer, but also a genuine lovely person to work with.

The whole photographic process was such a joyous and streamlined experience. From our preliminary zoom chat to the actual shoot (which I loved) to the excitement of receiving and choosing my photos. It was all conducted with so much professionalism and warmth.

I was initially nervous on the day but needn’t have worried as Sumi has that natural way of making you feel instantly relaxed. In fact, I soon forgot that there was even a camera lens between us. I honestly felt like I was smiling at a friend. And, as a result the photos are so natural, and I feel that Sumi has captured ‘the real me’.

Another thing I loved was that I didn’t have to worry about striking a perfect pose on my own. Sumi led me through each shot, instructing me how to position myself to achieve the most flattering pose. I have never felt that confident in front of a camera – ever!

I highly recommend Sumi. She is an amazing highly skilled professional who really knows her stuff. In fact, I’ll be re-booking later this year for my book cover.”

Jacqui John, Brissie Bites (Food blogger, Social Media Coach)

Personal branding studio Gold Coast
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Sumiko Eyears – Personal Branding Photographer

Hi, I am Sumi, a professional personal branding photographer at Personal Branding Studio. I empower camera-shy businesspeople to find confidence, so they represent their business with professionalism, authenticity, and consistency. I have extensive experience in web and graphic design, so I can visualise and show you how to best use your images for marketing.

Check out some of our photoshoots – each one attractive, unique, professional.
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