Corporate Branding Photos for a Team

Photoshoot with your team for marketing, team building, and incentives

‘Ultimate 48-hour Author’ helps people write and publish their books. They had a team training on the Gold Coast and organised the photo shoot as a part of their training activities.

All the team members are so lovely and a joy to talk to. We had an amazing time.  They each changed into three different outfits. Their corporate branding colours are black, white and red. They wore black and white outfits, white pants and jeans, and various colourful outfits. We took both individual photos and team photos.

I needed photos for my individual team members as well as I thought it would be fun to have group photos as well. We contacted Sumi a week before we wanted them done and she made it happen. In just an hour of shooting we got 5 individual people photographed as well as group shots in 3 different outfits. It was super easy and fun and she got the photos to us 5 days later. I love a fast turnaround and she was lovely and easy to work with. Thanks Sumi!!!! – Natasa

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Professional team
Sumiko Eyears
Owner, Photographer
Headshots for team
Headshots for team
Headshots for team