Personal Branding Photos for a Magazine Editor

Personal Branding for Writer / Editor

Alana is an editor of ‘Arts and Culture magazine’ and a writer. She is going to partake in a new role soon and this is for her branding.

Throughout the entire photoshoot, she looked very classy and elegant, and the black dress and pearl she brought for her shoot were perfect for her elegant nature. She also brought a black shirt and I took more casual looks with the shirt. I wanted to bring some lighter colours in, so I asked her to put on one of the jumpers from my studio. Photos of her in a pink top can be used for her other business which is as a Yoga instructor and I will share fantastic branding photos of Yoga soon.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Alana preferred to do the photo shoots all in the studio. We also offer outdoor photoshoots on the same day.  My studio in Main Beach is conveniently located close to the beach & a beautiful park, and there are many gorgeous cafes.

Professional team
Sumiko Eyears
Owner, Photographer
Hair and Makeup Artist