How to Plan Your Successful Personal Branding Photoshoot

5 Steps to your successful personal branding photoshoot

If you understand the importance of personal branding but are not sure how and where to start, then you came to the right place.  Most of us are not sure how to plan for it.

My first piece of advice to you is; Be yourself. Many people get nervous before the photo shoot. Remember you do not have to be someone else, BE YOU and I will capture the best version of yourself.  So please do not worry about how you look in the photos, that is my job to make you look your best.

Your job is to clarify what you want to achieve in the photo shoot.  If you plan your photo shoot well, then you will get the best results possible.

The first word in the phrase, “personal brand” is “personal.” Now add an “ity” to it, drop the “brand” and that’s what it really means. That’s the secret. – Adam Richie

Step 1 Who is your ideal client?

It is important to know who your ideal client is, your target audience.  I had extensive training on this topic.  Write down details on your ideal client – gender, age, family situation, occupation, where they live, what they care, what they like to do, which social media they connected most, what their concerns and issues they may have, what kind of solutions you can solve from what you offer.

If you can think of someone who matches your ideal client (age group and gender), then it will be a great idea for asking the person to join your photo shoot as a client.

Tips: Ask the person to wear simple clothes without patterns and ensure it compliments what you are wearing, so it creates harmony.

Step 2 What you like to achieve from the photo shoot?

Are you wanting photos that you can use for;

  • Your Website
    • Main Header image with your message for the welcoming panel
    • About us page with your bio
    • Services page with action
    • Team photos
    • Your premises
    • With your products
    • With your books
  • Marketing Collateral
    • Business cards
    • Pull up banners
    • Flyers
    • Magazines
    • Catalogues
  • Book Covers – Front, Back or both
  • Social Media Posts
  • Profiles
    • Social Medias
    • Modeling or Acting
    • Keynote Speaker

If you share that information before the photo shoot, then I take photos with wider angle, tighter crop, spaces for texts at left or right side.

With a plain background, I can extend the background either side of yourself easily at the post production for using it as banners or headers.

Some clients have stock images of themselves that I have taken, so they can use those photos when they had opportunities to be featured in magazines or articles, they can provide images without stress. They said that having stock images of themselves in different background and outfits are so handy.

Step 3 Create a mood board

Have you ever used Pinterest?

Pinterest is another social media platform through which you can collect images on the board. You can sign up for free.

You can start collecting images that align with your business. Search the images in your industries using the search bar, then start collecting images.  If you are a business coach for example, then you can search “personal branding for business coach” and suggested photos will be coming up.  Collect those photos for you to think about what you may consider for the background, locations, and props.

It is a great tool to use not for your personal branding but for inspiration for your quotes, studying how you can use the images.  I also use Pinterest for colour schemes and fonts ideas.

Create a board and a shot list what is the essential and additional images that you like to have for your business.

Step 4 Book a strategy call and a photo shoot

Gather all information together for a strategy call.

  • A your business brief, ideal clients, your competitors
  • Your goals from the photoshoot
  • Your business marketing information – corporate identity, website, social media information
  • Your mood board link
  • Your outfits and prop ideas
  • When your outfits and props are complimented to your branding colours, all looks beautiful and harmonious.
  • Tips for outfits – avoid busy prints, fitted clothes are good for professional looks. For lifestyle photos, smart casual would be an option
  • Tips for colours – If you do not have any branding colour outfits, then look for accessories, and scarves that have your branding colours in them.
  • If you are not sure about some or all, we will make a plan together.   Sometimes, you will find ways after seeing the photos. I will take varieties of photos then I will suggest which ones will be potentially used for marketing tools and how you can use them.
  • Consider for professional hair styling and makeup to make you look professional and feel confident in front of camera.
Branding Photos for Paediatric Physiotherapist

Step 5 Get Ready for the photoshoot

Other prep for the photoshoot

  • Pack all you need, outfits, accessories, props, extra lipsticks
  • Book a location if necessary
  • Organise models when necessary
  • Your hair trimmed and coloured when necessary
  • If you do the nails, then I would suggest having them French nails or something neutral unless you have a bold strong colour scheme in your branding.  If you have a strong colour scheme in your logo, then you may choose the ones from your bold branding colours or something that complements your branding colours our outfits
  • No alcohol the night before
  • No spray tan (make the skin look green in the camera)
  • Make a list of what to bring
  • Good night’s sleep the day before
  • Enjoy your photoshoot – if you are having a good time, it shows in your photos.

If you are starting a new business or rebranding, then consider the colour analysis

Before you start rebranding or branding, I would suggest getting your colour analysis done and using the colours from your colour pallet for the logo, in that way, you will look great with your logo when you place your face with your logo.  If you are wearing the colours from your pallet, then you, your logo and your outfits all complement each other. You can use your corporate colours confidently to bring forth harmony, elevating your brand, attracting your ideal clients.

We work with an image consultant and personal stylist, Moana Robinson from ‘B Styled for Life’.  Visit her website,

“A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.” Joyce Brothers