Personal Branding Photography for a Business Consultant

Personal Branding Photoshoot with Kylie

Personal branding is crucial for establishing yourself as a trusted and influential business consultant.

Kylie is the Founder & Principal Consultant at Sadhana Consulting | CPA FGIA MAICD.  She moved to the Gold Coast from Melbourne and wanted to update her personal branding photos on the Gold Coast.

She chose outfits that are not suits,  a little more relaxed than corporate but still maintain a professional look.  She arranged a model as her client. We decided to do some photos including headshots in the studio and on locations.

It is a great idea if you can arrange for someone who matches your target audience to be your client for the photos.   Here are some tips when you organise the models.

  • Choose someone who is matched your target audience
  • Ask the person to wear neutral outfits and avoid busy prints
  • If they can wear something harmonious with what you wear would be great.

The place where we chose to take photos was perfect with lots of greenery around the table.


Professional Team

Sumiko Eyears
Owner, Photographer