Magazine Style Personal Branding Photography

Magazine Style Personal Branding Photoshoot with Stylish Clara

Clara booked me her personal branding photo shoot. She runs her own business, an Executive search consultancy specialising in Financial Services & Banking. She needed some personal branding photos for promoting her new podcast.  The brief from her marketing team was minimalistic, stylish and magazine-style photos in business outfits.  Throughout the photo shoot, I guide through posing – where to place the hands, how to stand, how to sit, where to look, smile or smirk and all the details.

Clara brought sets of white, brown and black outfits. I set up the white background and used a stool, a chair and a fan to blow her hair for some photos in different crops (half and full), and different poses, looking confident.

I love minimalistic setups.

Minimalistic personal branding photography offers a clean, focused, and timeless approach to visually representing individuals and their brand, providing clarity, versatility, and authenticity to their personal branding efforts.

Clarity and Focus: Minimalistic photography eliminates distractions and allows the subject to take center stage. By simplifying the composition and removing unnecessary elements, it helps direct the viewer’s attention to the main subject of the photograph, which is the person being portrayed. This clarity and focus can enhance the impact and memorability of the image.

Professional and Timeless Look: Minimalistic photography often uses clean lines, simple backgrounds, and a minimal color palette, resulting in a professional and timeless aesthetic. This type of photography can create a sense of sophistication and elegance, which can be particularly beneficial for personal branding purposes. The images can be used across different platforms and remain relevant for an extended period.

Versatility and Adaptability: Minimalistic personal branding photography tends to have a versatile quality, making it suitable for various purposes. The simplicity and lack of distracting elements allow the images to be used across different marketing materials, such as websites, social media profiles, business cards, and promotional materials. They can seamlessly integrate into different design layouts without overwhelming the overall visual composition.

Professional Team

Sumiko Eyears
Owner, Photographer
Hair and Makeup Artist