Personal Branding Photoshoot with Shar Moore

Personal Branding Photoshoot with Shar Moore

Shar Moore is a TV talk show host, magazine editor-in-chief, renowned International Keynote Speaker, TEDx speaker and multi-international award-winning Business Mentor. We did this photoshoot before she started her TV show, ‘the Girlfriend Hour’ and Shar wanted to have photos that she can use to promote the show.  She wanted to take photos at her home to welcome the audience into her lounge. We took photos in several areas of her home and selected outfits to match each scene. We loved the outcomes.  I love watching how she and her team use the photos for marketing.

I wish I could give her more than just a recommendation!
The time, dedication, care and thought that went into every one of my photos, was second to none.
And she is just the sweetest person whom I felt very comfortable opening up with.
This makes all the difference when doing a photo shoot and I’ve done many over the years.
As a TV Show host and magazine and book publisher, how I’m captured makes all the difference. I didn’t want a cold headshot corporate shoot, I wanted someone to capture me in my home so the photos are relaxed, and happy and will appeal to my target audience of women.
Sumi did an amazing job and I highly recommend her. – Shar Moore

Shar Moore’s website: https://sharmoore.com.au/

Feminessence Magazine Cover.

Professional team
Sumiko Eyears
Owner, Photographer